Still from video, counselor talking to a resident in open area.
Pertapis - Brand Video

Pertapis has a mission to provide quality education and social services by empowering individuals and the community.We were engaged to create a story spanning across the several homes that make up Pertapis' core services.

By speaking to the residents, staff and volunteers, we were able to find out more about daily life and what Pertapis is doing to create a safe, caring and empowering environment for the residents.

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Social Services
Direction, Production, Post-Production
Still from video, interview of younger resident in social/learning environment.Still from video, resident partaking in group activities in a education setting.Still from video, interview shot of resident in a gym environment.Still from video, interview of higher executive in office.Still from video, Ustaz advising a resident in front of a class.Still from video, elderly Muslim lady praying away from camera.
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